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Injury Prevention including food and drink!

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Injury Prevention Injury prevention requires a multi-modal (MANY facto approach since injury can result from musculoskeletal, training, physiologic, mental and nutritional factors. Here in Ottawa our clinic aids with injury prevention! Mobility: Ensure that the major joints and the muscles…

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Emergency Chiropractic Care in Ottawa

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Emergency Chiropractic Care in Ottawa During the COVID-19 Pandemic our chiropractor is still treating patients on an emergency basis! “Care for patients experiencing a sudden and debilitating change in functional abilities (understood as walking, standing, sitting, lifting floor-to-waist or waist-to-shoulder,…

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Success Stories 2017! Chiropractic, Orthotics, Massage and Naturopathic!

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Success Stories 2017! Chiropractic, Orthotics, Massage, Naturopathic, Active release, ART, Acupuncture, Cupping, Braces and many more successful stories! 2017 has been a very successful year for many patients, read on…. Success Stories 2017,  some are highlighted here, on the front…

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