Muscle problems

Muscle problems bringing you down? Well at our clinic in Ottawa we work on both the muscles and the joints affected by the muscles. Wondering which came first? Read on…….

Muscles Relate to Joints: They are not separate entities!

Trauma, injury, muscles spasms, poor posture and biomechanics are only a few incidents that can lead to muscle and joint pain.  You may not associate muscle pain with joint problems but when you look at their mechanics it is easy to see how the two relate to each other.   Pain is not always the best indicator of problems, so just because you don’t feel like there is a joint-associated dysfunction it should not be ruled out.

Muscles attach to bone via tendons.  The tendons may attach directly or cross a specific joint.  When a muscle contracts it causes these bones to move at the joint.

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Dislocations and misalignments or joint restrictions are seen in many joint problems. With these joint problems, the attached muscles must also be considered. These muscles may have been stretched and compensating by becoming shortened in order to stabilize the area and reduce pain.





When muscles are strained, in spasm, or chronically shortened they have an effect on the bones that they are attached to.  Due to the shortened position they are pulling the joints out of place, which can lead to further irritation.  For example, a strained hamstring can cause misalignments of the knee or pelvis, and back pain that is initially a result from overworked lumbar muscles can then be translated into vertebral misalignments or joint restrictions.

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What to do for muscle issues!

Rehabilitation should encompass a complete range of modalities that incorporate all the physiologic components of the body.  Different stages of injury should and CAN be addressed by chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, stretching, strengthening, foam rolling, ball work (yoga balls possibly or Acuballs) and even acupuncture.  They are all inter-related yet have specific goals that can focus on the muscles and joints.  If you have a chronic condition that has been plaguing you and you thought was muscular in nature, think again.  Although the muscle may still be involved, perhaps it’s the joint that is the perpetuating factor.  Or maybe it is both!


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