Ankle Sprain Rehab explained:


  1. ICE, ICE, ICE! Please wrap an ice pack on with a tensor bandage and ice 20 minutes every hour for the first 3 days and then after this ice at least 3x/day for 20 minutes. Think of the ice for healing and not for the swelling! So even continue to ice after the swelling is gone, for another 7 days!
  2. Compress the ankle with the ankle sprain rehab brace we have at the clinic:
  3. In order to have the swelling leave the ankle and lower leg please sleep with a pillow under the top mattress of the bed. If you do put your leg on a pillow instead this will not manage to get the swelling out.
  4. Once your ankle’s swelling has stopped: Start gentle exercise avoiding inward movement of your foot. Place a towel around the ball of your foot, stretch your foot back towards you, and hold for 10 seconds. Then point your toes into the towel for 5 seconds 10 times using your arms for resistance.
  5. Make the little letters of the alphabet with the ankle only! Do not move the knee that much. Perform these 2-3x/day.
  6. Treatment: Acupuncture or the Laser is VERY effective with healing the sprain, Active release and/or Massage for the areas that have been injured and you are compensating for and Adjustments to restore movement to the bones in the ankle, foot, knee, hip and lower back that ‘locked’ up during the injury and from your compensating.

Ankle Sprain Rehab after the pain:

Once you have NO pain and swelling when you rotate your ankle:

  1. Stretching is an important component of rehabilitation. Tight calves may contribute to ankle sprains. a)Calf stretch: Lean against a wall with one foot forward. Keep your back leg straight, heel down. Bend front knee and lean into wall, hold for 10 seconds. Repeat with the other foot. B)Achilles tendon stretch: Same positions as above, however, bend both knees, keeping both heels on the floor. Repeat with the other foot forward.
  2. Mobilizing your foot will help reduce stiffness and restore motion. Continue with the letters of the alphabet!
  3. Strengthening the muscles of the ankle, knee and hips will improve stability and prevent future sprains! Please do not stop your rehabilitation now as you could have future sprains, foot, knee, hip or lower back issues due to this ankle sprain! a) Calf raises: While holding on to a sturdy object for support, stand with both knees straight. Rise up on you toes and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Do this exercise 2-3x/day. B) If you want the complete set of strengthening please visit our website at:
  4. Proprioception (sense of joint position) allows the body to maintain stability and orientation during dynamic and static activities. It is often overlooked in rehabilitation programs.
  5. Exercise: Stand close to a wall in the event you need support. With one foot a couple of inches off the ground try and maintain your balance for 20 seconds standing on the supporting foot alone. Once you have accomplished the above repeat the procedures this time with your eyes closed aiming for about 10 seconds.
  6. Post rehab sport ankle brace: this may have to be worn: Ask Dr. Barbara Rodwin if you need to wear this.