Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This video explains the lymphatic system, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and more!

Has the cold or flu been leaving you feeling run down or tired lately? Can’t seem to find the energy to be at your best? Are you recovering from a recent or long standing injury that doesn’t seem to be healing very quickly? Are you healing from a recent surgery? Your lymphatic system may be tired or overworked. Having a lymphatic massage may be just what you need to give your body that extra immune boost and head on down the road of recovery.

What is the lymphatic system and what does it do?

Our lymphatic system is an important part of our immune system. It acts like an alarm system by filtering through a set of natural drains and watersheds all over our body. Lymph is actually derived from the more liquid portion of our blood called plasma. When our heart beats, it puts pressure on the vessel walls which causes leakage of plasma. This plasma is absorbed into the lymphatic vessels and nodes close by and refiltered at a slower pace back into the bloodstream.

Have you ever had swollen or tender lymph nodes? When we get a cold or flu, our lymphatic system alerts our body to the presence of an intruder through our lymph nodes. This then relays a message to our body’s immune cells to fight off the infection. Like all drains, however, they have their limit and can become overloaded or backlogged.

Signs of impaired lymphatic flow

  • Acne
  • Cellulite and edema (swelling in the upper and lower limbs)
  • Chronic inflammation and pain
  • Chronic and recurrent sinusitis, bronchitis, yeast and other infections
  • Fibrocystic breast lumps and tumours
  • Impaired wound healing
  • Persistent fatigue from impaired toxin clearance

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic massage focuses specifically on boosting your immune system naturally by helping your lymphatic system to function at top capacity. It is a gentle and slower massage targeted to move lymph and swelling, which can cause pain and malaise. Because the flow of lymph is slower than that of blood, it can be restricted or blocked more easily. When this flow is blocked, your body’s ability to get rid of toxins is slowed. Your body repairs more slowly. Lymphatic massage techniques help to alleviate those blockages and get the lymph moving again, giving your body a better chance to heal itself.

Who can benefit from these treatments?

  1. Athletes can accelerate the removal of lactic acid from their muscles, and have faster recovery from strenuous competitions, work outs and training.
  2. Surgery patients can accelerate the reduction of swelling, pain, bruising, infections, and speed up the healing process. Cancer patients can benefit from these treatments.
  3. Allergy sufferers can reduce the frequency of reactions and headaches.
  4. Everyone can improve digestive and colon health, reduce water retention and edema (swelling), have healthier looking skin, and improve overall health.

With all the stressors we put our body through, it’s natural for our body to start to feel worn down. If you’re recovering from an injury, having joint pain or swelling, or even if you just want an immune boost, having a lymphatic massage is a healthy and natural way to do so. Talk to your registered massage therapist today about the benefits that lymphatic massage can offer. Your body will be glad you did.