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Are you in pain and require immediate attention?

Look no further for Emergency Chiropractic Care in Ottawa!

Same day bookings available.

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Emergency Chiropractic Care in Ottawa is offered at the Back to Health Wellness Centre! Our team understands what it is like if you are in pain and require immediate attention: so look no further for EMERGENCY Chiropractic care in Ottawa! We pride ourselves on not making you wait to see a chiropractor for help! Our front team will ensure you see Dr. Barbara Rodwin immediately or after hours call/text Dr. Rodwin on her cell to obtain help.

Numerous conditions we treat:

Are you suffering with a pulled muscle, back pain, neck, headaches, migraines, concussionssciatica, nerve issues, wrist, Golfers elbow, Tennis elbow, shoulder (bursitis, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, arthritis), hip, knee or foot issues? Look no further! Call us as we offer Emergency Chiropractic Care in Ottawa! We are the place to come to when in need!

About Dr. Barbara Rodwin:

A bit about Dr. Barbara Rodwin:  Just as all individuals have their own unique set of symptoms and underlying causes there is no “formula” for the recovery of good health, but there are guidelines. Dr. Barbara Rodwin feels that when working with a patient it is a team approach that aids in creating a realistic, individual treatment plan, which represents a true commitment to change for the better.

If you call us for emergency chiropractic care in Ottawa: Dr. Barbara Rodwin’s can cater your goals to help you be free of pain, gain mobility, be able to perform whatever your goals are and to feel more energetic. You will work closely as a team with Dr. Rodwin to be able to attain optimum body function throughout the entire skeletal system, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nervous system, which will result in a new awareness of your body’s natural state of health and vitality.

Check out the reviews on Dr. Barbara Rodwin to see how exceptional she really is!


Dr. Rodwin enjoys educating patients’ on the proper ways to sit, sleep, stand, drive in a vehicle, lift, climb stairs, perform sporting activities and any other daily activity that a patient has difficulty with. You will often see her checking a patient’s seat in a car, watching them climb stairs, walk, run, cycle, and numerous other activities in order to help with their health issue.  Dr. Rodwin loves to go that extra mile for a patient!  She feels if a patient understands the normal way to go about an activity there is less of a chance of re-occurrences of the condition being treated, that the patient then can work with their body in a normal fashion.  A patient will then will have less physical stress on the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

You should consider Back to Health Wellness Centre,  before you go to the Emergency Room

  • No need to wait hours in an Emergency Room or Walk in Clinics while you are in pain and need immediate care.
  • The treatment you receive may range from getting a Tylenol to a narcotic, which has been in the news lately as potentially responsible for tens of thousands of deaths this year alone.
  • Drug treatments for a mechanical problem can be extremely costly and provide minimal interaction with a skilled clinician.
  • An average emergency chiropractic treatment can generally consists of 1 hour of an intake form, Dr. Barbara Rodwin performing a exam of the problem area, determining the problem, offering advise on home care and some form treatment the 1st visit! All of this will aid in managing and controlling your pain.

While back pain can be a disabling and dispiriting experience, it is not life threatening, which affects the care and delays you will receive. Yes, while a back attack can be as painful as a heart attack, it is not going to get you to the front of the line. When you are finally seen by a doctor, they may have little to no experience in back and neck pain and that limits the treatment you are likely to receive and not the treatment you require, which is most often the care that a chiropractor delivers.

So Call us today for Emergency Chiropractic care in Ottawa at either: 7 am-7 pm Monday-Friday: 613-237-3306 or on Weekends and after hours at: 613-794-8763!

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