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Success Stories 2017! Chiropractic, Orthotics, Massage and Naturopathic!

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Success Stories 2017! Chiropractic, Orthotics, Massage, Naturopathic, Active release, ART, Acupuncture, Cupping, Braces and many more successful stories!

2017 has been a very successful year for many patients, read on….

Success Stories 2017,  some are highlighted here, on the front bulletin board, on Facebook, Instagram, through the electronic newsletter! READ on….. Here are a few patients’ stories about their journey this year, from chiropractic, to orthotics, to massage and naturopathic care, we have aided many patients this year!

chiropractic, massage, active release, ART, Dr. Rodwin, Dr. Barbara Rodwin, Interferential current therapy, IFC

Click on this to watch Don’s video on how we helped him!

chiropractic, ART, active release, Dr. Rodwin, Dr. Barbara Rodwin


“Absolutely great! The road to recovery is ongoing and receiving treatment at Back to Health Wellness is a great asset. Thank you to everyone at this Centre.”   Don





“I have been going to Back to Health Wellness since August 2012; they have helped me with a lot of issues. But the most recent issue was not being able to hear because of bad ear infections.      I was telling Dr. Rodwin that I was on antibiotics and what the doctor said at the hospital about my ears. The following week she adjusted my ears, which drained the fluid in my ears. I was able to ear, was AWESOME!!! – – Joyce


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More Success Stories 2017:

Knee Testimonial:

“If you are reading this it means you’ve been injured and are seeking treatment. Obviously the nature of the injury determines the type of health service you need to access. One area that is very much misunderstood is the area of chiropractic treatment. I recently suffered severe soft tissue injuries. When I presented myself to Dr. Barbara Rodwin I could not walk, I could not drive; I was severely restricted in my activities of daily living. Through her skilled use of a variety of techniques including: Active Release, Acupuncture, Interferential Current, Chiropractic adjustments, and other modalities, I was successfully treated and returned to NORMAL! There is no question in my mind that this would not have occurred without Dr. Rodwin and her skilled team. I would not hesitate to recommend Back to Health! Without them I am sure I would not be where I am today!  – – John

Lower back Testimonial:

“I received incredible same day chiropractic treatment after waking up in acute lower back pain. After the first appointment, my pain and movement was like night and day, and after a few more follow ups, I was good as new. I cannot recommend Back to Health and Dr Rodwin enough!”   Rachel

Orthotics Testimonial:

orthotics, Keri-Lyn, Keri-Lyn Dudgeon, Footmaxx


“A childhood accident left me with foot problems that worsen as I age. My previous pair of orthotics weren’t helping anymore, and I was in pain and limping. By the time I went to Back to Health Wellness Centre to be fitted for orthotics in April 2017, I was hoping for a new approach (or maybe a miracle). Back to Health Wellness Centre has a positive attitude, they listen carefully, and are thorough in their examination. Back to Health Wellness Centre saw me through as many adjustments as it took to get the right fit. And I must say the new orthotics are serving me well. For one thing, they got that little hollow under the navicular on the left foot just right! Thanks to Back to Health Wellness Centre’s expertise and persistence, I am enjoying an active summer.”     Lynda



Cupping Testimonial:

cupping, naturopathic, naturopathic care, cupping therapy

Watch this CUPPING video to see if it would aid you!


“I tried everything for my numbing in my arms and hands! Then I was speaking to the Doctor of Naturopath during one of my regular naturopathic appointments and asked her if she thought CUPPING would help? She said possibly and I should try it. I have never looked back! Within 2 treatments the numbing does not occur unless I leave regular tune-ups too LONG! Thank you Dr. Kathy to aid me with sleeping without the numbing waking me up! “In gratitude, Barbara




 “I received incredible same day chiropractic treatment after waking up in acute lower back pain in mid-2016. After the first appointment, my pain and movement was like night and day, and after a few more follow ups, I was good as new. I cannot recommend Back to Health and Dr Rodwin enough!”   Rachel

There you have it some Success Stories 2017! It has been an amazing year and we hope are able to have success with our clinic as well!