A Patient’s Testimonial!

Name of condition: Hip pain.

Symptoms: Sensation of a red-hot ice pick embedded in hip/butt joint…only when cycling.

Location of pain: Left hip/butt area.

Duration: Only when cycling, lasted for a whole season.

Severity: Very severe.

Describe previous treatment and results: Months of physiotherapy and stretching, all to no avail.

Indicate which drugs and/or medication you were taking, if any: Anti-inflammatories, on and off.

What led to your decision to try chiropractic? Fellow cyclists recommended a good “sports-minded” chiropractor; many recommended Dr. Rodwin. It was either the chiropractor’s table, or hang up my bike for good! I chose the former.

Had you been to a doctor of chiropractic previously? No.

Did you have any doubts that chiropractic would help you? Absolutely! Although Dr. Rodwin couldn’t guarantee complete recovery, she believed some improvement would follow her treatment.

What were your first impressions of chiropractic, this office and doctor? Very favourable – knowledgeable and helpful doctor, friendly staff, efficiently run office.

What recommendations were made by Dr. Rodwin? Detailed assessment, regular adjustments, and ART. On my own: LOTS of stretching, weights, and core strengthening.

Describe your results, including your time involved with the treatments: AMAZING! Complete recovery. I just completed a four- day, 625 km cycling tour (both flats and mountains). I did have to be patient as it took at least a year of treatment to get where I am today.

Is anyone else in your family a chiropractic patient? If yes, for what conditions? No

How has chiropractic helped him/her? N/A

What would you recommend to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain? I definitely recommend Back to Health!

How many others have you told about chiropractic? Anyone who will listen to me!

How do you feel about chiropractic now that you have enjoyed its benefits? Excellent treatment.