Patient Testimonial for Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

Name of condition: Low back pain, subluxations, hip degeneration.

Symptoms: Pain and tightness in low back, buttocks, right hip flexor and hip. Right leg was shorter than the left.

Location of pain: See above.

Duration: Would last two to three days after a soccer game or vigorous exercise.

Severity: Moderate, but significant enough to prevent consistent activity.

Describe previous treatment and results: Stretching programs, conventional massage, and abdominal strengthening. Results were poor or nonexistent, and always temporary.

Indicate which drugs and/or medication you were taking, if any: Advil.

What led to your decision to try chiropractic? Chronic nature of the problem, and recent worsening of pain. Chiropractic was recommended by a co-worker and my spouse.

Had you been to a doctor of chiropractic previously? No.

Did you have any doubts that chiropractic would help you? I had minor doubts after hearing of some people’s bad experiences with chiropractic.

What were your first impressions of chiropractic, this office and doctor? They all seemed professional, thorough, caring and trustworthy.

What recommendations were made by Dr. Rodwin? Regular adjustments and ART on the hip and area, stretching and yoga to increase flexibility, and orthotic inserts for sport shoes.

Describe your results, including your time involved with the treatments: Over a six-month span, pain gradually eased and recovery time after activity shortened significantly. Now I am virtually pain free!

Is anyone else in your family a chiropractic patient? If yes, for what conditions? Spouse for shoulder, neck and feet problems, though not as severe as mine.

How has chiropractic helped him/her? Similar to myself, but less dramatic.

What would you recommend to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain? Strongly consider the holistic approach to many issues that chiropractic offers!

How many others have you told about chiropractic? Five to 10 people.

How do you feel about chiropractic now that you have enjoyed the benefits? Completely convinced. Won over. Very happy.

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