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Dr. Barbara Rodwin just finished up on 3 courses over the last 2 months’: one was active release, Advanced Diagnostic imaging and the last one Dr. Rodwin took was on the SHOULDER! Please see an article below on this. Dr. Barbara Rodwin has been practicing many of the NEW items she has learned about this course and has seen AMAZING results thus far!


1. Evidence Based Practice, Epidemiology and Outcomes2. The course reviewed aspects of clinical and functional anatomy of the shoulder. Regional biomechanics together with the role of the entire body in shoulder function was discussed. Methods of assessing the whole of body in relation to shoulder function are presented.3. Assessment and Management: the components of the patient interview and physical examination that will assist the clinician in the clinical reasoning process. It will include the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure involving a structured algorithm to enable the clinician to determine what procedures should be used in patient management. The section includes in depth discussion on special orthopaedic tests and imaging. Patient scenarios and video are included.4. Review of the shoulder: how the shoulder socket (Gleno-humeral joint), clavicle, sternum, scapula, cervical and thoracic spine ALL need to be looked at and the motion patterns of all these areas play a very important role in treating the shoulder. Looked at many NEW treatment types to aid in the proper motion patterns of this whole region!12117tn5. Subacromial Pain, Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendinopathy: This theoretical and practical session involves a very detailed and in-depth review of this multi-factorial problem. The current evidence based research across a number of professions evidence regarding the aetiology and pathology of this condition will be presented in detail. Evidence based management is presented in detail. Patient scenarios and video are included.6. Sensory-motor control Theoretical and practical session exploring the importance of incorporating sensory motor education in the management of all shoulder conditions.7. Patient Presentations, Case Studies, Summary

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Learning Objectives

1. To develop a better understanding and knowledge of the clinical anatomy and biomechanics of the shoulder girdle.2. To develop a comprehensive subjective and physical evaluation strategy for the shoulder that considers local and referred sources of pain and directs the clinician to develop an appropriate management plan.3. To develop greater confidence with the physical assessment of the shoulder region and a better understanding of the evidence for the use of the selected assessment techniques.4. To gain proficiency in the Shoulder Symptom Modification Procedure.5. To develop a greater understanding and knowledge of various pathologies of the shoulder girdle.6. To develop greater competency in the management of patients with a variety of shoulder pathologies including; the acute shoulder, Subacromial pain syndrome, rotator cuff, shoulder pain syndromes, and pain referred to the shoulder.7. To review the research evidence relating to the influence of posture and muscle imbalance and its relationship with shoulder pathology.8. To review the evidence underpinning the pathology, and the assessment and management of various shoulder conditions, especially rotator cuff and biceps tendinopathy.196229. To review the research evidence evaluating the use of diagnostic imaging as part of the management for musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulder.10. To review the research evidence evaluating the use of injections as part of the management for musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulder.11. To develop a greater confidence in the use of exercise therapy, hands on therapy and taping techniques for the shoulder and evaluation of the efficacy of the techniques, balanced against the evidence base for using these techniques.Please ask Dr. Barbara Rodwin about this if you are interested!

In this video, Dr. Barbara Rodwin explains and demonstrates how to use an Acuball  to relieve shoulder pain:

Link to the Acuball

Link to the Acuball Mini

Energy and Performance

By Dr. Barbara Rodwin, D.C., B.Sc., D.Ac., ART; Doctor of Chiropractic, Cranial Adjustor, Acupuncturist and Active Release Technique ProviderQuestions? Email:!

nature family If your energy levels don’t meet your expectations, you’re not alone! Are you ready to jump into 2017 and off that energy rollercoaster for good? Mental, physical, and overall health are usually top priorities this time of year, but all this renewed vigour and high energy living takes, well, energy. Often, the end of January also brings resolve and stamina to an end. You may need to employ these no-fail, all-natural ways to boost your energy.

Know your body (and your energy)

Natural and effective energy boosters can help revitalize and replace lost energy. Ruling out any underlying medical issues such as anemia or thyroid problems will ensure you get proper treatment and ensure that energy enhancers can do what they should. If your energy levels are poor, you should search out the reason why. Know yourself well enough to know when something’s not normal.We often seek out energy boosters because the stakes are high and energy is one of our most valuable resources. Separating beneficial enhancers from sugary imposters is important, so you don’t feel cheated by those that overpromise and under deliver. Choosing the right supplements can make a huge difference to the overall effect you feel on your energy levels.

Supplements and functional foods to the rescue

Using reliable, endorsed natural boosters is key to sustained energy levels without a crash. Recommended as some of the best energy enhancers available, the following supplements are readily available at our clinic and will provide the support you need so you can get revved for the year ahead.Vitamin B12:Called the energy vitamin, B12 can be taken in supplement form. In the body, it helps convert the food we eat into energy.B-Vitamins:You may require a combination of the other B’s as well for the energy boost!Ortho-adapt, Adrenal Pro and Ribes Nigrum:Known as adaptogenic herbs, they are thought to “adapt” to stressors that affect the body and help sustain energy.supplement picThyroid Pro, Iodine and Tyrosine, Thyrocsin:Are important supplements if you are Hypo thyroid!Iron: Iron, Ortho-Iron and liquid Iron:You can obtain this either straight or the Ortho-Iron we have at the clinic has the other items that allow for better absorption of the iron!Protein:Ensure you have enough protein throughout the day, especially after a workout {within 30 minutes}. You can use a protein powder: we have both Whey based and Non-Whey based at the clinic. As well check out the: Amino Replete, Amino Complex and BCAA (branched chain amine acids): these work amazing for energy recovery, tissue building and recovery after a workout!Smoothie additions:Rice Bran and germ powder from Natural Traditions (gluten-free) and Wheat germ: very high in B-Vitamins, mix them in a smoothie or with juice!Chia seeds:Chia seeds are a favourite due to their blood sugar- and insulin-stabilizing effects. They have a great ratio of fats to carbs to protein and may keep you feeling energized longer.Did you know? You can add matcha powder and chia seeds to smoothies and meals for great energy-boosting benefits—and they taste great too!Coffee, tea, and alternatives:Not ready to give up your daily cup of Joe? Kick things up a notch by trying one of these suggestions!Coffee boosts:For a quick energy fix, try an alternative to regular coffee, such as the famed “Bulletproof Coffee,” which is thought to be more stabilizing for blood sugar. Or, opt for cold-pressed coffee, which is less acidic than regular drip coffee.Yerba mate:A herbal supplement that is making waves, yerba mate is high in caffeine, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, and zinc, making it an energy powerhouse.Ginger root “tea”:For a tea alternative, try ginger root. It acts as a stimulating and warming herb that can gently increase energy and support the body.Matcha green tea:Matcha is power-packed with vitamins and minerals the body needs. It also contains L-theanine, an amino acid thought to increase alertness.

Extra energy-boosting tips

energy collage• Instead of a sugary snack, try a smoothie packed with veggies and fibre for more nutrition and sustained energy. ADD some protein to this as well to aid with energy!• To increase mental energy and focus, add a few drops of rosemary essential oil in a diffuser.• Don’t forget water! Dehydration can make us drowsy.• Coconut water works well for energy as well!

Healthy living

In addition to supplements, why not make some positive lifestyle changes to relax and slow down? If not, your body may find it difficult to replace lost energy stores. I encourage you us to “take a break—rest, relax, meditate, exercise—these are simple (and free!) ways to boost your energy.”

exercises, energy, treatment for energy
The shape your day takes will depend on your energy. So whether you need long-term, sustained energy or a quick pick-me-up, stick with natural and effective energy boosters, so you stay alert and enjoy long-term benefits. Combine these with some great adventures and restful relaxation to make 2017 your year of energy!I know there are so many more Energy Boosters, I have only highlighted a few! Feel free if you have some that work for you to email them to me at:

Custom Orthotics and Performance

Custom orthotics can be a great asset to increase your performance on and off the field/court/ice! Whether you are a weekend warrior, or a competitive athlete, custom orthotics are a great piece of equipment to help performance and prevent injuries! Custom orthotics will aid you to achieve an ideal foundation. If your foundation is off, how is that affecting your knees, your hips and your spine? Without support there will be compensation. This compensation can lead to injuries. Our feet are the last things to show symptoms. If there is a problem at the foot (dropped metatarsal bones or tight plantar fascia) the receptors in our feet will alter the way we load our feet to prevent us from having pain. This altered way of loading the feet will cause a lot of preventable fatigue and thus help performance. The right running shoe with custom orthotics can be a great place to start that training for your 5km, or ½ marathon!!! footmaxx2Are you wondering if you are compensating at your foundation? Book a gait analysis with our chiropractor and this can be evaluated. They will also advise you on proper footwear to enhance your performance as well. We also carry a Pro-sport line of custom orthotics that can be designed with specific sports in mind. For example custom hockey skate orthotics can me designed with the specifications of the exact hockey skate model and size! Ask our chiropractor about these options!