Your Sinuses and What Dr. Rodwin Can do to Help Them:

By Dr. Barbara Rodwin, Doctor of Chiropractic, Cranial Adjustor, Acupuncturist, and Active Release Technique Provider,

The sinuses, so many patients have issues with these every year and they’re always trying to figure out how to take care of. I will outline to you in this article tips and helpful information that I have given to patients over the years.

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The sinuses are hollow cavities that don’t have the pumping mechanism to rid the spaces of the fluid that builds up when you have sinus issues. Where there is congestion in the sinuses there is no way of that the sinuses can pump themselves out. So you actually have to help with that! I often show patients how to do their own sinus drainage. Feel free to watch the video that’s attached to this newsletter on how to do that and making use of a laser system in the clinic to.

Dependant on the issues you have I do often recommend at home sinus drainage techniques, use of sea salt to drain the sinuses either with a Neti-Pot, Neil Med system or the Nasaline syringe.

Dr. Rodwin uses a small version of a laser to treat sinus problems. By using this device on the same key points that are targeted in acupuncture, you can breathe happier and feel healthier!

Ask Dr. Rodwin about it if you think that your sinuses could use some clearing up!

Watch this video in which Dr. Rodwin explains and demonstrates how she can treat the sinuses in order to help patients with sinus problems and allergies!

sinuses, cranial adjusting, cranial adjusting turner style, adjustments, treatment for sinuses,sinuses, cranial adjusting, cranial adjusting turner style, adjustments, treatment for sinuses,

sinuses, cranial adjusting, cranial adjusting turner style, adjustments, treatment for sinuses,

Quotes From Patients:

“This is the first time in years since when I have had sinus problems that I did not have the issues I once used to have, I even used to have bleeding when I had issues with them. This is as a result of Dr. Rodwin doing the sinus drainage and using the laser on them. Thank you for allowing me to breathe properly again!”
“I used to have chronic sinus problems that would give me headaches and I would be congested daily. Dr. Rodwin has been doing the sinus drainage, laser and acupuncture on my sinuses for a number of years now. I barely ever have any problems with my sinuses now! It is truly an amazing! Thank you Dr. Rodwin for all your help with this. I come in for regular tune-up’s for that and during the season where I have issues I have some regular treatment on them.”
“Wow since the aid of Dr. Rodwin’s miraculous laser I do not have sinus headaches anymore”
“I have mild allergies year-round; however my sinuses really start to act up in early spring, and early fall. The congestion gets so bad that it even becomes hard to breathe sometimes and also results in headaches. I avoid the outdoors completely. I feel so lucky to have discovered Dr. Rodwin’s sinus drainage and laser therapy treatment during this time. Now I don’t know how I’d be able to function without it!”

sinuses, cranial adjusting, cranial adjusting turner style, adjustments, treatment for sinuses,

lazer sinus

All you ever wanted to know about your Ribs!

By Dr. Barbara Rodwin, Doctor of Chiropractic, Cranial Adjustor, Acupuncturist, and Active Release Technique Provider,

Not a day doesn’t go by where I’m not adjusting at least one patient ribs for them! What is the reason for this? The ribs attached to the sides of the spine only with small little ligaments, there is no muscular structure holding them properly. They also attached to the front breastbone/ sternum by small little holding elements and the ribs can actually shift out of place very quickly. Patient s’ seem to put them out of alignment due to sleeping positions, they come in saying they slept funny and it’s not really that funny, posture as a result of leaning forward which places more compression on them, making use of iPads, cell phones, the way they watch television, sneezing, breathing difficulties such as asthma can cause issues with ribs, coughing, sporting activities: running, swimming, biking, skiing, soccer, etc.

The human rib cage consists of 24 ribs (a set of 12 bones). They form a protective cage around the organs in our chest and during breathing, the ribcage moves up and out to permit lung inflation.
The ribs attach to the thoracic vertebrae in the back and to the sternum in the front. Their attachment to the sternum is via costal cartilage that is flexible to facilitate breathing.
Ribs can easily be ‘knocked out’ of place in our everyday activities. Whether it is through playing sports, sitting incorrectly, sneezing/coughing, sleeping or many other possibilities, we may not even notice that a rib is out of place.
Your ribs move in 2 different ways and can move out of alignment forwards, sideways, or backwards!
When a rib is out of place, you might feel pain, pressure, numbness, or tingling.

Dr. Rodwin and our massage therapists here at Back to Health correct rib alignments every day. Not only does this relieve any stiffness, discomfort or pain that the patient might have been having, but it also allows them to have better posture, facilitating more efficient breathing. Do yourself a favor, and make sure that your ribs are in the correct position today by seeing one of our practitioners. 



Check out Back to Health patient Steve’s story about his rib misalignment:

Quotes From Patients:

“I came to see Dr. Rodwin for my lower back and mentioned to her that I had was experiencing numbing going down my left arm which my medical doctor thought was my heart. I have been tested at the Heart Institute and given a clean bill of health for my heart. The cardiologist did not seem to know the reason for my symptoms. Dr. Rodwin assessed me and determined that I did have two ribs that we’re not moving properly around the front of my body near my breast bone and in between my shoulder blades. After two adjustments the symptoms that I thought were heart related were gone!”
“When I had a cold this winter for three weeks and was coughing I came in to see Dr. Rodwin for my regular corrective care appointment. She said all your ribs are actually going to be stiff and tight due to the constant coughing. Dr. Rodwin then checked them on the front, the side and in the back. She did some adjustments on the ribs with both the use of the activator and some of the other adjustments she does. After this was done I couldn’t believe how well I could breathe and my coughing diminished drastically. Next time I have a cold I am definitely going to see Dr. Rodwin as well in order to have my ribs looked at. She rocks!”
“I have a curve in my spine or mild scoliosis. Because of this twisting it has caused several of my ribs to shift as well. Dr. Rodwin has been doing adjustments both on my neck and middle back and lower back as well these ribs and shoulders. I can’t believe the difference I’m sitting up straighter I can breathe easier and I’m not as tired!”
“Wow, I slept funny; it actually was not that funny though! I woke up with pain and could not take a deep breathe in properly without pain. I went to see Ashley at Back to Health who did a massage on my back and mentioned the pain was as a result of my ribs being out of alignment. She left Dr. Rodwin a note before my treatment with her. I had them adjusted and the rest of the lingering pain went away. Back to Health is great for the collaborative care that I receive there! On a side note: I even see Keri-Lyn Dudgeon, Kinesiologist, for my orthotics and Dr. Van Zeyl, the naturopath. Sometimes I jokingly say I could spend half my day their when booking all my appointments together. It is great to have them all under on roof!”
“I had Sherman’s disease as a teenager which has left me with ribs that do not move properly. I have them adjusted regularly and feel amazing now!”