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Detailed Biomechanical Exam!

By April 7, 2018July 30th, 2018No Comments

We are thrilled to make our patients like Bojan happy with their experience! Check out this short video in which Bojan explains why his new patient exam at Back to Health was different than anywhere else!

Our New Patient Experience

In this video, Bojan highlights some things that make our clinic unique:

  • Detailed online health history form (that we review before your first visit)
  • Comprehensive head to toe biomechanical exam so that we can evaluate the root cause of your problem and not just treat the symptoms you are experiencing
  • Written report and informational session based on your exam results – we want to make sure that you understand everything about your health
  • Personalized stretches and exercises based on your exam resultsĀ – following your exercise and stretching program will help you recover faster!

At Back to Health, we ensure that each patient receives a comprehensive and educational experience! Your health and understanding of your health are important to us.

Call us to book your new patient biomechanical exam now!

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Check out this video from Totic on our detailed Biomechanical Exam!