Success Stories

Over the past year we have had many patient success stories. Here is a sampling of some that highlight patients who have overcome tremendous physical limitations and are now living much healthier and happier lives!

Matt M

Just over 4 years ago, I was involved in a serious head-on motor vehicle accident. The accident took the lives of two people, including my grandmother. During my rehab I was recommended to the Back to Health team in order to receive treatment for the extensive injuries I had to my legs and feet. Dr. Rodwin, Keri-Lyn and the various massage therapists have allowed me the privilege to walk again. I have followed all of their recommendations that have led to outstanding results. I could never imagine being treated by anyone else and I hope that anyone needing this kind of treatment will start at The Back to Health Wellness Centre. You won’t be disappointed.


Scoliosis and Poor Posture

A patient came into the clinic with neck stiffness, tension headaches and constant pain between the shoulder blades and neck. The patient decided that at age 23, they were too young to go to sleep with back pain and wake up with it too! After seeing information about the clinic at a Women’s Health Festival, the patient was tempted. After seeing the xrays it was clear that change and education on spinal care was needed. The patient started coming three times a week, in which it was explained that these visits would gradually lessen with improvement. A chiropractic pillow was purchased, some posture habits were changed and the patient followed a stretching program to strengthen neck muscles. There was a 50% improvement in the first year! The x-rays proved it, and proved to them that the treatment was working, their scoliosis is now reversed. “I am a believer in this treatment and have enjoyed the benefits fully. I feel fortunate to have found chiropractic in my early twenties so as to take full advantage I’m SOLD! I tell everyone I run with and tell them to see Dr. Rodwin and start with chiropractic!”

Neck Pain Treated with Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care

The patient had muscle tension and adhesions (scar tissue) in the neck and upper back area that led to neck pain, headaches, postural problems and difficulty swallowing. The pain would vary in severity and fluctuate between being a daily occurrence to only happening occasionally.

Chiropractic treatments made the initial improvements which were incredible at first but then reached a plateau. Then the massage therapy treatments were added that improved things from there.

The patient had not tried Massage Therapy before as they were not sure how MUCH it would help. 

Numerous stretches were recommended by both the R.M.T. and chiropractor.

The length for treatment was for about 4 months while the patient had been going to a chiropractor for about 4 years.

How do you feel about massage therapy now that you have enjoyed the benefits?

Every employer should have one on staff! Give it a try, at least get an assessment. The staff are very professional and it is a very comfortable environment. 

Duane Faris

I have been a patient at Back to Health Wellness Centre for almost fourteen years. I transferred my patient file there after moving from Hamilton. I was recovering from spinal trauma suffered playing contact sports at the time. I had four herniated discs and had aggravated the three other herniations that I had from a previous injury. I had terrible plantar fasciitis to the point where I would jump if someone even touched my foot. That was my starting point.

Since that time I have had a multitude of sports injuries, wear and tear conditions, one car accident (I hope that man learned not to drink then get in his car again), and a major work injury that forced me to miss almost two years at my job. Dr. Rodwin and the staff at Back to Health Wellness Centre have seen me through all these injuries. They have never treated me as a number. They have always taken the time to listen to me. They have been kind, patient and compassionate to a fault. They have found a way to get me in when emergencies have arisen and I called at the last minute. They work as a team and were clear that my health was a priority. Dr. Rodwin is amazing.

In addition to the fantastic health care that I get from her she has also provided me with dietary and supplement suggestions. She has created exercise plans for me that have brought me from a non-runner to having now completed four half marathons. She has never told me to stop doing something (rugby, running, jiu jitsu, kung fu), but has made suggestions as to how I can continue doing the things I love in a different way. She has suggested alternatives as well as additions to my training that have allowed me to continue being active on my terms. I have said with all sincerity that Dr. Rodwin is the reason that I am still walking. My spine and feet were very messed up. I was taking Robaxicet eight times a day when I started seeing her and was in constant pain. I don’t need any of that now. When I had my work injury she made sure that I was treated properly. She helped me with forms and phone calls that needed to be made. She supported me personally and medically.

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Dr. Rodwin is with her patients. Back to Health Wellness is a fantastic clinic. I regularly refer people to them. It has been almost fourteen years that I have been a patient there. I look forward to the next fourteen.

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