We are so happy to have been able to aid so many patients in achieving their optimal health over this past year! Below are some featured patient success stories. 

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rodwin’s for over 22 years at Back to Health for various issues. My latest issue started in February of 2015. I hurt my right knee. I had a MRI and it was determined that I had a sprain, tear of my meniscus with some Osteoarthritis. With my permission, Dr. Rodwin obtained a copy of my MRI results and started my treatment right away in March of 2015. My treatment included: the Interferential Current Therapy machine, Active Release Technique for scar tissue in the knee and adjustments to the foot, knee, hip and lower back {due to my compensation mechanisms) at a frequency of twice a week for a few weeks then 1 visit per week until I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.
As it was taking a long time for me to get an appointment with the surgeon and I’m a daily dog walker, Dr Rodwin fitted me for a knee brace. It was suggested for my trips to Florida in the fall and Mexico in February, to purchase a good pair of water shoes when swimming in the pool and to wear the knee brace in the water as well. As I purchase yearly and wear orthotics daily {from Keri-Lyn Dudgeon at Back to Health Wellness Centre: she is very knowledgeable!}, I put my older orthotics in my water shoes. This really helped to stabilize my knee.
Here’s my knee 16 months later. I had full right knee replacement June 15th (I waited 16 months). In 10 days my staples will be removed (the nurse counted 26), then I will start physiotherapy. I did see a physiotherapist at the Kemptville Hospital who gave me exercises to do while recouping. 7 different exercises starting with 10 repetitions graduation up to 20 repetitions.
Once I complete my physiotherapy I will be back at Back to Health for Dr. Rodwin to work her magic on any newly formed scar tissue to avoid future problems with my knee, to adjust my knee, foot, and hip and lower back!
I am one very, very happy patient of Back to Health. Dr. Rodwin is truly amazing. Keri-Lyn takes exceptional care of my feet. The registered massage therapists have successfully taken care of my other issues and I have just recently become a patient of Dr. Van Zeyl, Naturopathic Doctor. The team at Back to Health has truly been dedicated to my wellness over the years.
One stop health care.”
– Lynn St John




Dejana plays during her adjustment with Dr. Rodwin. Chiropractic care is a FUN family affair at Back to Health!


“My family has been going to Dr. Rodwin for around 20 years. She has helped to reverse many ailments and helped relieve pain using manipulations, ART, acupuncture needles and good advice. She is helping my daughter with TMJ, Apraxia of Speech and flat feet. After we took our daughter to have her first chiropractic and cranial therapy treatment she said one of her first words so clearly, we just couldn’t believe it. It was shocking and amazing and we knew that we had to continue bringing her to see Dr. Rodwin. She has helped my husband and me with lower back pain, wrist tendinitis, ankle sprains, knee injury, SI joint, hip issues and more.
It is a pleasant setting in the office. Dr. Rodwin is caring and pleasant to deal with. Her staff is very nice, especially Debbie who has gone out of her way to make my young daughter comfortable and willing to come to get adjustments. Debbie would talk about Minnie Mouse, who my daughter adored and she has even given her gifts when she comes for treatments. Dr. Rodwin would have princess stickers for our little girl. All this helped our little girl and we are truly grateful. We found our little angels in that office.”

– Aleks M.

“I am really grateful for the treatments I received throughout this past year at Back to Health Wellness. Dr.Rodwin and her team have been an extreme benefit to my recovery and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. With skilled deep tissue and myo-facial massage work from Jessica Nepton, the ART and adjustments (in so many places) by Dr.Rodwin, assessments and progress reports from Kinesiologist Keri-Lyn Dudgeon, and the patience and skilled work from Kim and Debbie at the desk- the progress I have had this year in relation to my recovery has been unsurmountable. I went from being in a high level of pain and being barely able to walk comfortably, or sit or do much of anything without any pain in my body. With one year of treatments now I am back to living an almost normal life with my pain being much more controlled and manageable with less flare ups that last less time. My body is becoming more balanced and is staying that way. I had a very strong twist in my pelvis, back and shoulders with subluxations in many places up my spine and neck, after a severe snowboarding/work accident including a fall with a twist and whiplash while carrying something heavy. Other modalities of treatment didn’t see even close to the amount of relief and healing that I receive at Back to Health. Because of this I am able to begin my work again riding horses, teaching riding lessons and doing barn chores. These are my passions in life and something I thought and was even told by other doctors, I’d never be able to do again. After one year of commitment and solid treatments here I am. So Thank-You Dr.Rodwin and the team at Back to Health”

– Brittany C. 

A touching father-daughter patient testimonial.  

Thank-you for your kind words Diane and Robert. 

Don has made remarkable recovery and has worked towards achieving a better quality of life and optimal health with chiropractic care, orthotics, and massage therapy at Back to Health.

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