Include Remedial Exercises as a Part of your Healing Process!

Remedial exercises are used to improve your body’s health and restore you back to your highest functional level! They are very useful for rehabilitation after an injury or simply as part of your overall wellness plan. Your health care provider may ask you to do exercises at home, or they may be used during your various health treatments. 

In general, there are four primary types of remedial exercises, these are:

  1. Range of motion
  2. Stretching
  3. Strengthening
  4. Cardiovascular

Most conditions requiring remedial exercises will be given a combination of at least stretching and strengthening exercises, although many will be given components of all four types.

In order to understand how remedial exercises work, it is important to understand how the body’s musculoskeletal system works. Every joint in the body has multiple muscles working to stabilize and/or move it. While some muscles are working to move your joints, others will work to stabilize them or slow the movements. This ensures that movements are smooth and controlled, and helps to prevent injuries. Remedial exercises can help to get all of these muscles working together again in order to help you achieve your optimal health level.