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Announcing the Acuback from Dr. Michael Cohen

The Acuback restores the natural curvature of your lower back, realigning the upper back and neck effortlessly!

If you’ve ever found yourself slumping in your desk chair and corrected yourself by straightening up, only to find yourself slumping AGAIN a few minutes later, then the Acuback was made for you.

Dr. Michael Cohen has spent over 20 years studying the mechanics of the human body. He has been applying his techniques at his chiropractic practice in Toronto. He created the revolutionary and highly successful Acuball and Acuball Mini, and now the Acuback.

3 Patented Design Features


The Acuback can be heated to receive an amazing 75 minutes of muscle relaxation and soothing warmth!

Simply place your Acuback in a microwave oven for 1 minute, or place it in boiling water for 12 minutes, and enjoy all the benefits of your heated Acuball:

  • Increased blood flow to the muscles.
  • Flush out toxins and accumulated wastes.
  • Calm irritated nerves and loosen muscles back to their relaxed state.
  • Relax the central nervous system to create a greater sense of calm, which helps to loosen other areas of the body.
  • Stimulate sensory receptors in the skin to decrease transmission of pain signals to the brain, therefore partially relieving the discomfort.

Spine Align Belt for Releasing Tight Vertebrae

Many spinal problems come from tight muscles which cause vertebrae to lock together, rather than flowing freely. The Spine Align Belt, a precision moulded groove running around the middle of the Acuback, allows you to lie directly on your spine. Most importantly, it permits you to open and loosen your own neck, low back, and mid back.

How amazing is it that you can now do this to yourself? Whereas, before you would have had to rely on your chiropractor or physical therapist for this.

Similar to pulling an accordion open, this helps to ‘free up’ areas where vertebrae commonly lock up. The two different styles of acupoints (lighter & deeper penetration) at both sides of the Spine Align Belt give an acupressure treatment to the important postural muscles running along both sides of your spine (the erector spinae muscles), allowing them to open and relax.

Better spinal motion, improved Central Nervous System flow, and improved posture result.

Even without any neck issues, the area where your neck meets the back of your head is key for wellness enhancement. This is due to the fact that your central nervous system runs right through it – definitely try your Acuback there.  Just relax and release on it for 3 minutes.

Precision Nibs

The Acuback penetrates and releases tight muscles 100% naturally.

Due to stress, overuse, or injury, muscle fibres contract resulting in that tight feeling. For example, imagine pulling up a vertical blind and seeing the slats come together.

As a result. waste products that would normally exit the muscle get trapped inside – building up overtime. In short, this accumulation of waste irritates nerves in the muscle and therefore causes pain.

As the precision nibs on the Acuback penetrate areas of built up muscle waste, they separate tight muscle fibers and stimulate blood flow flushing out accumulated waste. In other words, pain decreases & muscle flexibility and strength are restored 100% naturally.

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