Plantar Fasciitis Stretches

If you have been told that you have plantar fasciitis, follow these plantar fasciitis stretches in addition to seeking other treatment in order to get you back to health faster!

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If you have any questions about these plantar fasciitis stretches, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

Alphabet Anklealphabet akle

Seated with leg out in front.

Place towel under lower leg and relax ankle.

(You do not necessarily need a towel, you can do it in the air while sitting)

Move ankle so as to draw the letters of the alphabet A, B, C….

Try drawing both upright figure 8’s and side lying ‘lazy 8’s in both directions.

Sets: 1

Reps: 4x

Hold: 4-6 sec

Rest: 10 sec

Freq: 2x/week

Active Calf – Stairstair

Standing with heel off edge of a stair.

Raise up into the toe to tighten the calf muscle, then relax down and drop the heel past the stair level to stretch the calf.

Reps: 2x

Hold: 20 sec

Freq: 3x/week

Plantar Fascia/Gastrocsgastrocs

Sitting with one leg extended out in front, place towel under ball of foot. Gently pull foot back towards shin.

Reps: 2x

Hold: 20 sec

Freq: 3x/week

Hamstring Up Wall 90°hamstring up wall 90

Lie on back within a doorway.

Raise one leg up along wall as far as able.

Slowly scoot bum closer and closer to wall, using wall to support leg, to feel a stretch in the back of the leg. Hold.

Reps: 2x

Hold: 20 sec

Freq: 3x/week

Plantar Fascia/Bottlebottlr

Place bottle under arch of foot.

Roll foot back and forth over bottle.

(a cold bottle out of the fridge works best!)

Reps: 2x

Hold: 20 sec

Freq: 3x/week