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Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa

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In this article I will discuss Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa.  Look no further if you require shoulder treatment.

Are you looking for treatment for the shoulder? Is it physiotherapy for the shoulder that you require? Do you need physiotherapy treatment for the shoulder in Ottawa? Do you wonder what types of shoulder problems can be treated? Then you should read this article:

The shoulder joint happens to be several moving parts in one.

  • – The true shoulder joint is called the Gleno-Humeral joint where the “ball” of the humerus bone connects with the “socket”.
  • – This is part of the shoulder blade and is called the scapula. This joint is highly mobile and can move in many different directions!
  • – If your shoulder is unable to produce all of its healthy movement you should seek Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa.
  • – Your physiotherapist can help to mobilize the joint and teach you how to safely restore its function. 
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Some causes of shoulder problems:

Frozen shoulder

A common diagnosis is Frozen Shoulder. Sometimes it is called adhesive capsulitis or bursitis. This is a condition in which the ligaments and capsule of the shoulder joint cause the mobility of the shoulder to be lost. This causes pain, poor movement of the shoulder and the arm.

Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa can work on ALL causes of shoulder problems:

  • – Another cause of shoulder problems is the AC or Acromio-clavicular joint!
  • – The second joint of the shoulder is the acromio-clavicular joint. Where the collar bone and the acromion of the scapula connect.
  • – This joint does not produce a lot of movement and it is a rather stiff joint when healthy.  Normally, the AC joint is injured during a fall directly to the shoulder.
  • – Joint injuries have many terms that identify them.
  • – These include:  strain, sprains, subluxations, dislocations or separations. They vary depending on the forces exerted through the joint. As well due to which joint of the shoulder they occur at.
Watch this video to see how the shoulder moves!

Shoulder problems explained:

  • – The scapula also sits on top of the rib cage which connects to the thoracic spine (mid back). This region is not a true joint itself  as it does not contain a joint capsule.
  • – – However, healthy movement of the shoulder blade is associated and dependent upon movement of the thoracic (upper back) spine and ribs.
  • —- Shoulder pain can result from poor posture habits or losing mobility in the thoracic spine. When the spine has less motion the shoulder blade cannot produce proper movement. This leads to lots of extra stress on other areas of the shoulder which can give you to pain or you will lose motion in your shoulder.

Our Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa can help in this case as well!

  • – Next, the collar bone connects to the breast bone. This is called the sterno-clavicular or SC joint.
  • — Again this joint is rather secure and non-mobile. Thanks to its sturdy connective tissue that secures it in place.
  • — Injuries in this joint can range from very mild, such as a sprain from a motor vehicle accident or to more severe such as a collarbone fracture from an impact.  
  • ————– Do you have problems with this joint?

Then try out our Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa! Book an appointment today!

With these three joints in close proximity to each other many muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves must work together to keep movement optimal. Each of these moving parts contain muscles that control and produce movement and as well they each have ligaments to help protect the joints from moving too far. Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa can help with these 3 joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments in this area!

Since there are numerous moving parts in the shoulder everything must all work well together to coordinate healthy movement. When one piece of the puzzle changes such as posture, repetitive habits, or a sports injury, the dynamics of the shoulder may result in pain or dysfunction.

Our Physiotherapy treatment for the shoulder in Ottawa can aid with these sports related injuries!

Physiotherapy treatment for the shoulder is the practice of ensuring healthy, functional and pain free movement of the human body. Your physiotherapist will assess all of these moving parts and identify any biomechanical changes that result in your symptoms. 

  • —– Physiotherapy for the shoulder in Ottawa involves assessment of your shoulder’s scapulo-humeral rhythm and scapulo-thoracic mobility.
  • ——– Your physiotherapist will also observe your joints’ ranges of motion, and test various muscles of the shoulder complex. There may also be certain functional tasks such as lifting or carrying that she will complete with you.
  • ———— Additionally, she may ask you to perform specific postures which help identify the problem of the shoulder such as damage to tendons, bursa, ligaments, and muscles. 

The complexities of the shoulder create highly individualized sources of pain and mobility impairments for each person with shoulder symptoms. Physiotherapy for the shoulder involves your physiotherapist working with you to create a unique program of care that specifically identifies and remedies the concerns or changes with your shoulder. The more you know about your shoulder pain, the easier the recovery process will be!