Holiday Checklist:


  • Take a pair of running shoes and change into these out of your boots to use for shopping. ¬†Running shoes are more shock absorbing and will aid in taking pressure off your body. Also, buy over-the-shoulder bags to prevent injuries by carrying too many plastic shopping bags.


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  • Open the kitchen cupboard and put a foot on the bottom shelf to act as a foot stool. (Alternate back and forth between both feet).
  • Wear a pair of sandals, slippers or shoes to cushion your feet.


  • Roll up a t-shirt or scarf and tuck it into the small of your back when sitting.
  • Put your feet on a carry-on bag when flying. This acts as a foot stool and takes pressure off your back
  • Taking bags off conveyor belt – give yourself some time to remove the bag. Do not twist your back after removing bag. Move your legs first. Twisting your back can cause injury.
  • Sleeping in a bed other than your own
  • If the bed is lumpy, pad the mattress with blankets or a duvet. If you own a camping foam take it with you to cushion the mattress.¬†

Using different pillows

  • Travel with your own pillow. If not using your own pillow and pillow is too low; fold towel and put under pillow to raise and/ OR roll towel and put at front end of pillow case (inside where neck rests). Head should be parallel with the mattress. This is for natural contouring.

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