The word Arthritis means inflammation of the joint and loss of joint motion. Arthritis can affect a person at any age.

Arthritis is most likely to appear in the following forms: Osteoarthritis (abnormal wear and tear type, from injuries and use), Degenerative joint disease (DJD), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Gout and Juvenile arthritis.

Eight classes of classes of arthritis and related conditions have been identified. These are: 

  • Inflammatory Arthritis – The membrane of the joint becomes irritated
  • Attachment arthritis – frequently in the heel or lower back, the ligament or tendon fastened to the bone becomes irritated
  • Crystal arthritis – the big toe has deposits of microscopic crystals of sodium urate
  • Joint infection – bacteria contaminate the fluid inside the joint, usually found in the hip, shoulder and knee
  • Cartilage degeneration – usually found in the knees, neck, back, hips, fingers, toes, wrists and feet, this type of arthritis arises when the cartilage of the joint breaks down
  • Muscle inflammation – muscle tissues become inflamed
  • Local condition – a local injury causes pain, such as tennis elbow, runners knee, etc.
  • General conditions – a condition characterized by generalized muscle pain and sleep disturbances.

Massage therapy for arthritis
Although massage therapy cannot cure or stop the progression of arthritis, it can ease the symptoms associated with inflammation and improve quality of life. While the cartilage damage of arthritis cannot be reversed, massage is helpful in reducing muscle spasms and decreasing compression associated with the arthritic joint disorder. The benefits of massage include: Increased circulation, Increased flexibility and mobility, Decreased pain and inflammation, Relief of muscle aches and stiffness and, an overall sense of relaxation and wellness.

A variety of massage styles can help decrease arthritis pain. Swedish massage therapy is the most relaxing and is used to stimulate blood flow to the skin and relax the muscles. Deep-tissue massage therapy can decrease pain and improve movement in specific muscles and joints. Active release can aid in reducing the
scar tissue.

Special points of interest:
  • Did you know that we treat all forms of arthritis?
  • We have an infor-mation sheet on nu-tritional supple-ments for arthritis.
  • We have an Arthritic line of Custom Orthotics
Chiropractic and acupuncture
Dr. Barbara Rodwin has been treating all types of arthritis! When a person has arthritis they lose motion in the joint that the arthritis is associated with. The joint then loses mobility, the cartilage may decrease and then the stiffness, discomfort and pain ensues!
All joints of the body—the jaw, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, back, hip, knees, ankles, toes can be adjusted to then allow the movement of the joint to improve.
Over her years of practice, Dr. Rodwin, has been able to aid countless patients in improving their mobility!
She has specialized treatment types to help in re-storing motion to the joints which is safe, pain-free and affective!
Often patients are advised on proper sleeping, sitting, exercise, stretches and nutrition that helps with the arthritic condition.
Dependant on the type and extent of arthritis sometimes acupuncture is incorporated into the treatment to aid in resolving pain and restoring joint function. Studies have been completed to show that acupuncture is effective with arthritis. Please see the binder in front reception which highlights these studies.