Stress Management

Stress comes in different forms. There are good stressors; planning a wedding, awaiting the arrival of new born; all the things that bring us happiness, but still may make us stressed about what to expect. Then there are bad stressors; losing a job, financial problems; the things that gives us uncertainties. Whether it is good or bad stress we can sometimes take it too far and that’s when anxiety disorders and panic attacks can occur. This is not a good thing. 


     Anxiety disorders are a generalized sense of fear and uneasiness. Individuals with this disorder startle easily, experience chronic fatigue, possible headaches, and even cause anxiety of being in public or alone. Anxiety due to stress could prevent or limit you from living the life that you want to.
     Panic attacks are more abrupt and intense then anxiety disorders. They too are brought about due to stress, but more of a negative stress; disasters, divorce, loss of a loved one. The symptoms are more intense then those of anxiety disorders. Some symptoms that you may experience are heart palpation, chest pain (stabbing feeling or tightness, feeling of having a heart attack or stroke, which in any case should be checked by your primary care physician), shortness of breath, hyperventilation, chills, sweating, nausea, muscle tension, lower back pain, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling, general weakness and fatigue. These are only some of the main symptoms.
      Even though stressors in life are unavoidable, learning to accept them and dealing with the issues are a great way to overcome it. You will need to find ways to manage  your stress. When you get stressed you need to be able to control it and put yourself in a “happy place”.  Not for you to forget the stress, but give you a different way of seeing it. Whether it is yoga, playing golf, meditation, breathing techniques, or a relaxation massage, find your way of coping.  Massage Therapy has shown to have a positive impact on reducing stress because it decreases a person’s perceived stress and anxiety levels. It also helps to increase the awareness of tense areas in the body. This can help you develop a more relaxed posture and help develop better breathing techniques.
     Dealing with stressors in life is not always easy, but learning to recognize and finding a way to manage it can help you function better in life.  Remember that you should not have to live this way.

Blogged by: Jessica Nepton, RMT