Meno-Prev + Mood & Memory


Meno-Prev + Mood & Memory

Meno-Prev + Mood & Memory is an all natural formula designed to provide direct relief for specific menopausal complaints, while, at the same time offering broad support to other bodily systems most often affected by the hormonal changes of menopause.

For example, Meno-Prev™ + Mood & Memory contains gentle herbs to help alleviate symptoms relating to issues of mood, memory and libido.

Additionally, this comprehensive formula provides liver and circulatory support. It also contains herbs to reduce symptoms of PMS for those in the perimenopause phase.

Recommended Use: Meno-Prev™ + Mood & Memory helps to reduce symptoms of menopause.


Each capsule contains

Maca extract root, 0.6% glucosinolates 375mg
Milk thistle extract 80% silymarin 87.5mg
Gamma oryzanol (rice bran) 75mg
Rhodiola extract 3% rosavins 60mg
Ginkgo biloba extract 24% flavoglycosides,6% terpene lactones 40mg
Sage (salvia officinalis) leaf 30mg
Black cohosh (actaea racemosa) root 30mg
Chasteberry extract (vitex agnus castus) 4:1 30mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: Vegetable-grade magnesium stearate (1%), vegetable capsule.

Directions: Adult women – Take one (1) capsule three (3) times daily with or without food or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 6 weeks. Periodic intervals of abstinence (2 week breaks before continuing) is recommended for long-term use.

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