Cicatrisan Cream


Cicatrisan Cream

Cicatrisan Cream is a synergistic botanical preparation specifically formulated to help soothe and heal skin irritations and conditions. Phytolacca decandra has been shown to have a wide range of uses and it is an important adjunct to many treatments. Most importantly, it has direct actions in promoting wound healing through its anti-inflammatory properties. With the addition of botanicals that have antimicrobial and antiseptic actions, Cicatrisane Cream provides an effective formula for soothing irritated skin such as psoriasis, scabies and tinea infections. Cicatrisane Cream is indicated for cuts, minor burns, sunburns, insect bites and stings; and for healing ulcers, fistulas, folliculitis and mastitis.

Established over half a century ago in Belgium, UNDA is renowned for manufacturing exceptional homeopathic products utilized in supporting immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems. In the production of all homeopathic remedies UNDA uses only pure materials and herbs that are biodynamically grown or wildcrafted. UNDA produces a broad range of homeopathic products in various potencies including: the unique Numbered Compounds, Gemmotherapy macerates, Schüessler Tissue Salts, Gammadyn Oligo-Elements, Organotherapy, Plexes, creams and oils, as well as homeopathic compatible dental care.


Calendula officinalis (Marigold) MT 1.0%
Phytolacca decandra (Pokeweed) MT 1.0%
Bryonia dioica (Red Bryony) MT 1.0%
Balsamum peruvianum (Peruvian Balsam) MT 1.0%
Dulcamara (Woody Nightshade) MT 1.0%

Adults: Apply a small amount on the affected area two to three times daily. May cover affected area with sterile gauze after each application.

Children: Reduce application to once daily and follow adult directions.

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. See product label for further details.

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