Are all Orthotics Created Equally?

No orthotics are not all created equally!  

Keri-Lyn Dudgeon, our orthotic specialist will, based on the patient’s symptoms and the dynamic gait analysis, determine what types of accommodations or postings need to be built into the patient’s orthotic.

Keri-Lyn has had over 17 years’ experience in working with some of the most difficult foot cases.

These accommodations and postings are specific to the patient’s needs for their feet.  Some names for them are: lesion accommodation, heel-maxx (for heel spurs/heel pain), met bar (calluses, toe pain/numbing), horseshoe pad (plantar fasciitis, heel pain), morton’s extension (bunions, limited movement of first toe/arthritis).

 The Cobra (orthotics)– what is it? A snake in your shoe? Read on….

Back to Health would like to introduce a new product line for women’s dress shoes! It has been difficult for women to be able to wear their normal orthotics in their dress shoes. These orthotics do not fit well and due to this often the orthotic is not worn during the day. We at Back to Health have realized this causes numerous issues.
This model is called the COBRA.  Improved fit and flexible module ensures better support in a greater variety of footwear.  
The hook design at the heel allows the foot to sit lower in the shoe. The sulcus length allows for greater padding underneath the ball of the foot. This length also allows for metatarsal pads to be located further forward if necessary. This was an issue with previous models. The top coat material is in a natural beige suede or black leather.  

Patient Story

A patient came in to see Dr.Rodwin and Keri-Lyn.  She had symptoms of toe pain/discomfort.  It was affecting her walking and causing issues into the knees, hips and lower back due to compensation.  
A biomechanical exam with a gait analysis was performed and this indicated toe joint restrictions.  
It turned out from requesting her medical reports that she had a stress fracture in the toe.  We recommended orthotics with meta-tarsal pads, acupuncture, active release, and adjustments for the toes, foot, knees, hips and lower back. She is now virtually pain free and walking normally again!
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