Good times can’t be too far behind with St. Patrick’s day soon around the corner. Spending time with close friends and family, singing song of merriment, and enjoying the wonderful food and drink the day has to offer. Let’s not forget about the colour green… and orange and white for Irish spirit.

Regardless of our intention however, we can sometimes party a little too hard… feeling it pretty bad the next day. You guessed it, the infamous hangover and hangover symptoms. Headaches, sensitivity to light and sound, and maybe even tired feelings of nausea or weakness. It’s especially important in times like these to maintain our health and take care of ourselves. Drinking lots of fluids like water or coconut water to help replenish our electrolytes, getting plenty of rest, and even having a massage. Yes, a massage! Did you know that massage is a recommended treatment when recovering from a hangover?Massage is designed to release muscle tension, ease pain and nausea, and it can even help stimulate our body to remove wastes. It also can aid our body to heal and repair damaged cells, allowing us to get back on our feet again feeling better than before our hangover! Enjoying life and spending fun times with loved ones is important, but so are you. Health is not just for now, but also for times to come.

So no matter your plans may be this St. Patrick’s day, it’s always good to think and plan ahead. Be safe, plan a drive home, stay at a friends place, or even planning an extra day to recover your health. You deserve it!

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