Unda #11


Unda #11

Unda #11 has an action on the joints in cases of arthritc and rheumatic pain. When excretory organs and ducts are malfunctioning, arthritis develops in order to protect the organism. This remedy is indicated for rheumatic pains and articular pains of arthritic origin.

For temporary relief of minor pain associated with headaches and arthritis.

Joint pain is sadly common‚ especially as you get older. As bodies age‚ many parts that once functioned properly begin to deteriorate due to overuse. Eating a balanced diet from an early age can ensuring your bones‚ muscles‚ and joints are receiving the support they need to perform their roles efficiently can be a great way to avoid future complications related to pain and stiffness. Regular weight-bearing exercise is also important.

No matter what the cause‚ Seroyal’s Unda #11 is a natural liquid supplement provide temporary relief from the symptoms associated with painful joints‚ while also working to reduce the severity of headaches.

The herbs contained in the Unda #11 formula include:

  • Yarrow—a natural anti-inflammatory that can help redce the swelling and irritation of joints.
  • Peppermint—may relieve headaches‚ especially those associated with sinustis.
  • Vervain—has been used for centuries to treat mild headaches and earaches‚ reduce inflammation and relax nerves.
  • Rosemary—can be helpful for managing pain and inflammation‚ while improving joint mobility.
  • In all‚ this supplement can make you feel more comfortable and inspire you to stay active.

Every ingredient offers powerful antioxidants that can help support many of your body’s vital organs and create a healthier you.

The recommended dosage of Unda #11 by Seroyal varies‚ depending on age an severity of your condition. Adults should take five drops three times daily; take five drops six times daily for acute conditions. Children under the age of twelve should take three to five drops per day‚ unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

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Asparagus officinalis (Asparagus)…….4 X
Crocus sativus (Saffron)…….4 X
Glechoma hederacea (Ground Ivy)…….4 X
Mentha piperita (Peppermint)…….4 X
Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)…….4 X
Thymus serpyllum (Wild Thyme)…….4 X
Verbena officinalis (Vervain)…….4 X
Cuprum metallicum (Copper)…….12 X
* Contains 25% alcohol