Boswellia Complex


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Boswellia Complex – Insurance for Healthy Joints

For an active, independent lifestyle, nothing is more important than maintaining healthy joints. Boswellia Complex is a powerful herbal supplement that may help.

What is Boswellia Complex?

Boswellia Complex contains four key herbs which are well known to support healthy joints. Boswellia gum oleoresin, Celery Seed, and the rhizomes of Ginger and Turmeric, all have a long history of use in traditional systems of healing and are well supported by modern scientific research.

Compelling Benefits

MediHerb’s Boswellia Complex is effective in supporting and maintaining healthy joints. It contains a unique blend of Boswellia (1.9 g), Turmeric (2.0 g), Celery Seed (1.0 g) and Ginger (300 mg) per tablet.

The herbs in Boswellia Complex work synergistically to:

  • Maintain and support healthy joints
  • Support healthy circulation
  • Provide antioxidant activity
  • Support healthy response to environmental stresses
  • Promote the body’s normal resistance function
  • Support normal kidney function to clear acidic waste products effectively

Boswellia Complex is safe to use every day.

Boswellia Complex and Joint Health

Your joints may need support for a variety of different reasons – you may be overly active or not quite active enough, joint issues may ‘run’ in the family or it may simply be that you are getting older. Whatever the reason, Boswellia Complex is the support you need.

Each herb in Boswellia Complex has specific yet complementary functions that work synergistically to benefit the body’s normal inflammation response to strenuous exercise.

A clinical trial of 30 patients who took Boswellia extract showed a highly significant decrease in knee tenderness, increased ability to bend their knees and increased walking distance.

Who Needs Boswellia Complex?

Anyone who wants to support healthy joints and maintain their active lifestyle should consider Boswellia Complex. It is safe and effective, suitable for all people of all ages, for long and short term use and highly recommended for athletes and people who are very active. Ask your health care professional to develop an individualized joint support plan for you. For even better results, speak to your health care professional about the additional benefit of using Boswellia Complex together with the musculoskeletal products available from Standard Process.

How is Boswellia Complex Unique?

Herbs are naturally complex and their chemical composition can vary greatly, even from plant to plant of the same species. MediHerb sources only the highest quality herbs and tests them extensively to ensure they contain the correct levels of the right chemical compounds appropriate to the herb.

In Boswellia Complex, both the Boswellia and Turmeric contain guaranteed levels of specific chemical compounds to ensure potency. For example, clinical trials have proven that the important boswellic acids in Boswellia are effective at a daily dose of 540 mg. This is equivalent to the suggested use of 3 Boswellia Complex tablets daily.

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