Proactive Care and Chiropractic

Proactive health care is where you take an interest in your health. Instead of only seeking help and advice when something is wrong, you will do everything you can to avoid these medical complaints. We all know how to live healthily, but few people actually listen to this advice.

Most modern medicines are reactive. This means that treatments will only be used if a disease is detected. Curing medical conditions is all well and good however preventing them happening in the first place would be ideal. Maintaining regular chiropractic care is seen as proactive care. Clinical experience suggests that individuals with chronic conditions such as degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) or recurrent neck pain, back pain or headaches may experience less frequent and less severe symptoms when under regular chiropractic care. This also applies to individuals in highly stressful situations and those who experience repetitive physical and postural strain from their daily activities. Proactive care is also very beneficial to an athlete as it aids in overall performance. The Olympic athletes undergo a proactive approach!

Proactive behavior is also cost-saving. For example, maintaining and fixing something while it is still working will save the cost of buying a new one once it’s broken after neglect.

“It is a lot easier to maintain your HEALTH than it is to regain it.”

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Our feet are often the last things to hurt!  Our body is so amazing in the way it will change the way we walk to prevent us from having sore feet.  By the time the feet “hurt” we have exhausted the compensating ability and the feet are now sore.  Symptoms often are noticed in the knees, hips and back far earlier than the feet.  If your foundation is off the whole body (kinematic chain) above is affected.  Orthotics are quite often used for patients who experience pain, however they are an excellent device that can provide preventative measures for future biomechanical issues that develop over time due to misalignment. Orthotics will help to align and protect your knees, hips and back, not just your feet. The orthotic support at your feet will also help your adjustments hold better from your chiropractor.  If your body is under strain because the “foundation” is off compensation will occur.  Prevention goes a long way! Please book your orthotic assessment appointment today!

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Back to Health offers a wide variety of services dedicated to the prevention of some common complaints.

Proactive Care: Reasons to See your Massage Therapist

The most common mentality with health care is: when there is a problem I will fix it. For the most part, it is only when we are in pain or are experiencing some sort of physical ailment that we seek out advice from our doctors or health care practitioners. This mentality however can sometimes get us into trouble and can cause health problems that will most likely take time to treat and won’t be an overnight remedy. Being proactive before pain is present or before an injury happens is one of the best ways to stay healthy for long term gain.


If you think of the human body as a very elaborate car, it’s not that hard to imagine the many things that can cause it to wear down faster. We want something that we put good money and resources into to last – thus we maintain it constantly. We get the oil renewed, the tires rotated; even internal cleaning can prolong the life of a car.  We don’t do these things because the car is broken down already; we take these steps to prevent possible problems in the future. So why is the human body so different? We can maintain our bodies with regular massage therapy, making healthy lifestyle choices, and being constantly aware of our body and what it is telling us. By doing so you can help your body be less susceptible to injury, illness, and pain, and increase your ability to move and have vitality.

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Naturopathic Medicine and Proactive Care


When your health issues fail to resolve, usually this either means the underlying cause is not being treated or there is something missing from your treatment plan.  It’s always helpful to get a second (or third, or fourth…) opinion, and a Naturopathic Doctor is trained to look at your health from all perspectives.  If you’re wondering why you’re still exhausted despite taking iron supplements, exercising four times a week and getting 8 hours of sleep; a ND can probably help!Naturopathic medicine emphasizes a proactive care approach: allowing you to make positive and direct changes in the areas of your health over which you have control. Given that many medical conditions are preventable and controllable, every health care interaction with a naturopathic doctor includes support that addresses this simple fact: you can greatly affect your own health. The premise is simple: an individual who has access to a Naturopathic Doctor who provides you with systematic information and skills to reduce health risks is more likely to eat healthy food, engage in physical activity, reduce substance use, become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and spend their money in a more health conscious way. These risk reducing behaviors can dramatically decrease the incidence of preventable disease and chronic conditions.


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