LIV Milieu

LIV Milieu


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Drainage and Tonification is central to the healing process. It is well understood that until the extra cellular matrix is clarified, there will not be complete cellular resolution. 1) BioToxicosis remedies such Lymph 1, 2, and 3 assist in the clarification of the systemic drainage pathways 2) Spagyric botanicals decongest, drain and detoxify at the physical level and 3) the Milieu Series provide homeopathic drainage at the point of focal interference. Utilizing this combination, the local and systemic ECM drainage pathways are liberated and healing is the natural outcome as obstacles to cure are no longer an issue.

As an added bonus feature, the Milieu Drainage Tonifiers also contain specific flower remedies designed to assist in the drainage and tonification of the emotional terrain.

Ingredients: Germanium sesquioxide 4X Taraxacum officinale 1X, 3X
ATP 3X, 6X, 12X Leptandra virginica 12X Teucrium marum 12X
Beta vulgaris 3X Liver 3X, 6X, 12X Beech 30C
Carduus marianus 1X, 3X Natrum sulphuricum 12X Chestnut Bud 30C
Ceanothus americanus 12X Nux vomica 12X Crab apple 30C
Chelidonium majus 1X, 3X Phosphorus 12X Holy 30C
Chionanthus virginica 3X Quassia amara 3X Impatiens 30C
Colocynthis 12X Raphanus savitus 1X,3X

Traditional Keynotes:

  • Liver Drainage
  • Phase 1,2 & 3 (Deficient Bile Syndrome) Liver

Detoxification Support

Complementary Remedies:

  • Dandi Intrinsic
  • HepataGest
  • Hepata/HEP-Tox
  • Carduus Marianus Intrinsic
  • Adrenal Life Force
  • Licro Intrinsic
  • Burdock Intrinsic
  • Gen Intrinsic
  • Allium Ursinum
  • Hypothal Code
  • Nat Body CLR
  • Nat Colon CLR
  • Maca Intrinsic
  • LIFE Force
  • Spleen Chi
  • MetaChlor

Posology: 30 drops, 2x daily

Homeopathic drainage is considered to be a functional process, traditionally accomplished using low potentized remedies. Today, the increasing xenobiotic onslaught upon our world requires a more extended approach.

The Milieu Series of remedies was eclectically and thoughtfully crafted to provide a more global understand­ing of a case picture. The addition of complementary tonification factors assist in preparing the body for deeper, safe detoxification.

Each remedy provides gentle drainage and tonification, without causing the immediate release of cellular toxins, which can create additional complications for BioToxicosis and Homotoxicological processes.

A blend of low potentized, ascending homeopathic glands and hormones combine elegantly with Spagyric botanicals, polychrests, cell salts and flower essences to complete the case picture and ensure a well measured and proportionate response.

Western-approach clinicians report successful integration of the Milieu drainage and tonification remedies in acute situations related to the organ or causal chain indicated. TCM practitioners find that drainage remedies nourish the blood, chi, yin and yang. Similar results are reported in healing arts’ approaches around the world, although with different “poetry”, including Ayurveda, South American traditional medicine, etc.

These unique remedies work exceptionally well in open­ing up conditions that are stuck or potentially cloaked.

Liver and kidney drainage is central to any successful healing protocol, as it relieves stressful congestion to these vital organs. This in turn assists in the clarification of the extracellular matrix (ECM), without which, deep and thorough restoration will not be realized.

There are three different sources all of organic intoxication that can have a negative effect on the functioning of the specific organs that regulate elimination from various parts of the body:

  • Exogenous toxins are those of the chemical and psychological nature that directly affect the tissues of the These include alcohol, drugs, tobacco, environmental pollution and emotional trauma (anxiety or shock).
  • Endogenous toxins are those that come from within the These can come from viruses, fungi yeasts and diseases that affect the normal function of the body.
  • Autogenous toxins are those that are created by the body itself and can be related to genetic predisposition and/ or the constitutional or personality traits of the individual.

The body drains toxins through various excretory organs and tissues, which include the liver, kidneys, skin and mucous membranes. Once these systems are draining and tonified, the case opens to reveal what was at one time a “Cloaked Disturbance” or a “rigid signal”.

The liver, like the kidneys, are key to this process.

Liver Milieu was specifically designed to assist in the drainage and tonification of the liver, and to support all phases of liver detoxification.

Drainage without tonification will prove ineffective, as cells and organs may well buckle under the strain of de­toxification. The patient may feel better initially, however, in the long run, the damage will be ap­parent often in the form of other conditions.


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