Green Light Spagyric


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Green Light Spagyric

Green Light may be indicated for acne, boils, skin ulcerations, burns, eczema, psoriasis, heavy metal and environmental toxicity, and for oral, buccal and dental abscesses.

Energy, Fatigue, Immunity, Hormones, Digestion


  1. Energy, Fatigue
  2. Hormonal Balance
  3. PMS
  4. Prostate support
  5. Urinary tract
  6. Sugar handling
  7. Natural iron source
  8. Skin Disorders
  9. Digestive detox
  10. Ulcers
  11. Alkalization
  12. Vitamin K & Vitamin A source
  13. Restores damaged tissue
  14. Assists calcium and other mineral assimilation
  15. Bad breath

Suggested Usage

Unless otherwise instructed by your health care professional, suggested usage reflects the manufacturer’s recommendation for this product.

Dosage: One full dropper sublingually 2x daily, or in warm water, or as directed by a Health Care Practitioner

Duration of use dependent upon the advice of your health care professional.

Green Light contains naturally occurring  plant phytoestrogens that have estrogen-like effects in humans. These are believed to be beneficial because they tone down or mute effects of excess estrogen while also providing a source of natural estrogen to women during and after menopause, thereby reducing deficiency symptoms. There also is increasing evidence to indicate the possibility that phytoestrogens may inhibit the growth of  prostate cancer tissue.

Saponins found in Green Light assist in the maintenance of strong immune response as well as helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Naturally occurring chlorophyll salts assist with good kidney health.

Chlorophyll is effective against anemia as it stimulates the production of red blood cells in the body. Clinical reports clearly indicate that chlorophyll in a liquid or tincture form is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and acts as a cellular antioxidant. Clean blood insures that metabolic wastes are efficiently carried away from the tissues.

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DOSAGE—2 dropperfulls under tongue, swish in mouth for 1 minute then swallow twice a day for 1 week then increase to 3-6 dropperfulls twice a day.

Please consult with your Physician at all times before taking any supplementation.