Nutritional Support for Headaches, Migraines, and Concussions

Diet can play a big factor in the health of your brain. In fact, migraines can even be triggered by food. If you suffer from chronic headaches, migraines, or have had concussions, you might benefit from nutritional support. This can come in the form of nutritional guidance (foods to eat and others to avoid), supplements, botanicals, and more!

Nutrition for Headaches, Migraines, and Concussions:

  • Foods: Discuss foods with Dr. Barbara Rodwin or our Naturopathic Doctor
  • Food sensitivities: see our naturopath at Back to Health Wellness Centre, she can run food sensitivity tests and make recommendations
  • Magnesium depletion due to chronic headaches, migraines or concussion: should try the magnesium bowel tolerance test. Find it on our website by searching for it!
  • Coconut oil: 2-4 tablespoons/day aids these issues
  • Coconut water: coconut water is higher in natural electrolytes compared to sports drinks. It’s actually good to drink every day to aid with the depletion of these in your body. Find out more about coconut water by searching for it on our website!
  • Weather changes affect this due to the barometric pressure: this can be worked on as well with the CATS technique.
  • Fluid intake: proper fluid intake aids decreasing symptoms
  • Supplements: fish oil, Petadolex, pain pro, glucosamine, NEM, glucosamine, B vitamins, B 12, iron, turmeric: dependent on your issues with headaches, migraines and concussions several of these supplements can aid you. It is best to discuss this with either Dr. Rodwin or our naturopath.

For more information about nutrition for headaches, migraines, and concussions book an appointment with Dr. Rodwin or our naturopath. They can help you figure out which nutritional supports will benefit you.

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