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Metatarsal Pads:

Are your toes going numb? How about on the elliptical or when you cycle? This shouldn’t happen. You need a lift to the forefoot to alleviate those  symptoms.

Do you have callouses on your big toes? IS your big toe joint getting bigger? These are also signs that you need support for your forefoot.

So you have burning or a bruised feeling in the “ball” of your foot? This is another sign we need to support.

DO you wear orthotics all winter long with metatarsal support and nothing in your sandals? These adhesive met pads can be added you sandals to make them better for your feet throughout the summer months.

Do high heels hurt your feet? Metatarsal pads can be added to take the pressure off the foot which would then make the high heels more bearable for that special event!

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met pad in heels

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