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A Patient Testimonial on Hip and Low Back Pain

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Name of condition: Low back pain, subluxations, hip degeneration. Symptoms: Pain and tightness in low back, buttocks, right hip flexor and hip. Right leg was shorter than the left. Location of pain: See above. Duration: Would last two to three days after a soccer…

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Patient Testimonial: Hamstrings

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Name of condition: Sore hamstrings and pain in feet, Symptoms: Constant pain in right hamstring and right foot toe joint when walking or running. Location of pain: Up the back of my right leg and in the big toe joint of my right…

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Pateint Testimonial: Hip Pain

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Name of condition: Hip pain. Symptoms: Sensation of a red-hot ice pick embedded in hip/butt joint…only when cycling. Location of pain: Left hip/butt area. Duration: Only when cycling, lasted for a whole season. Severity: Very severe. Describe previous treatment and results: Months of physiotherapy and stretching,…

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