Kinesiology Ottawa

A kinesiologist is an integral part of the health care team, allowing for a full evaluation of the foundation. Assessing the body as a fully connected chain provides a thorough analysis of ongoing, and potential, biomechanical problems. The expertise of the kinesiologist gives an in depth perspective of the body as a whole, from joint functionality to muscle and soft tissue issues.

Our expert kinesiologist participates in the process beginning with being a part of the biomechanical exam in our clinic and continues with reviews of stretching and strengthening programs, patient education, and gait analysis. Biomechanical examinations are provided with no commitment to treatment required and are ideal for anyone interested in preventing future health problems, athletes, and those with chronic pain.

head to toe biomechanical exam, kinesiology

We provide you with a head to toe exam that helps us best understand your body and how to help you!

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