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Self-Care Instructions (home)

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  In General; Avoid rubbing, probing, or “poking” in the areas Dr. Barbara Rodwin adjusts. Always allow yourself a few moments to rest and relax directly after your adjustment. Avoid sudden twists or turns of movement beyond normal limits of…

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Lower Back Pain

By | Blog, Orthotics | No Comments LUMBAR FACET IRRITATION Reach behind you and feel the centre of your back, just above the buttocks. This is your lumbar spine. Lumbar facet irritation usually is a painful condition affecting the joints. These are responsible for connecting the…

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Straighten Up App

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STRAIGHTEN UP CHALLENGE and SELFIES! What is the Straighten Up Canada app? Straighten Up Canada is a mobile app for improving posture and spinal health through twelve short exercise videos. Spend just three minutes a day doing these exercises and…

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